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Want to know that how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp without deleting account by itself ? If you want to unblock by yourself on WhatsApp then youre at the perfect place.

Sometimes your friends or other person blocked you on WhatsApp due to some reason, when they get angry at you. In this case, you are not able to send any messages or media to that particular person who has blocked you.

Method 1
Tell anyone or friends or using your another number to make a groupAsk your friend to add you and the number who blocked you. After doing this, in the groups there will be three members or contact.Now you can easily send message to the person who blocked you by sending to this group.Method 2Open your official whatsapp app and tap to 3 dot. Click to ‘new broadcast’ option.Tick or select the person who has blocked you and your one another number or friends.Now, you can able to send messages easily to that person.Hope these methods helps you to solve your problem.

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