I'm trying to find serious man !..e3

General Security questions. Talk about tac gear, equipment etc.
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I'm trying to find serious man !..e3

Post by RillaBop »

Hello all, guys! I know, my topic may be too specific for this forum,
But my sister found nice man here and they hitched, so how about me?! :)

I am 28 years old, Camila, from Bulgaria, know English and Italian languages also
And... I have specific disease, named nymphomania. Who know what is this, can understand me (better to say it immediately)

Ah yes, I cook very tasty! and I love not only cook ;))
I am real girl, not prostitute, and looking for serious and hot relationship...

Here is my photo:

Update later:

Ooops! Seems that pic broken, sorry =(
Anyway, you can find my profile here:

Or write to me via e-mail
for Camila

P.S. ibavulize, ahupyf - dont write to me, trolls! >:-(

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Post by RTMabit »

Flirt politely, flirt only when flirted with, and if all fails, try the old "A/S/L" thing, or the "Any hot women from "your home town" here want to cyber?" That gets them everytime.

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